Month: July 2017

The Hykosian Liberation Army, Reboot

(Under Construction) This sums up what the core book says about the HLA – They are a fascinating group, who believe that an alien species known as the Hykosians are going to invade Consortium space very soon. They are the self-appointed “fifth column” for

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Session 16.5 Horde from Tanbrel

Hoard #1 Magic Items Portable Hole (20000 gp) Psionic Items Heavy Steel Shield (Medium) (+1 shield, Ranged) (Exhausting curse) (4170 gp) Power Stone (Share Pain (150 gp)) (total 150 gp) Chaositech Items Brain Serum (1000 gp) Salvage 26 x Artisan’s

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Session 17.0: The Sky is Falling

DATE: 2017.06.23 New Party member Vigo was sent by the Baron on a two-fold mission.  The first is to make contact with the party and make sure they were alright.  The Baron was concerned.  The second was help Vigo find

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You can’t go home again?

After 8 years, I returned to NJ.  This time, it was with all three of my kids, because they wanted to see daddy’s old stomping ground, as well as visit their cousins in their home town.  It was the first time I visited since my parents moved to SC.  I did not realize how hard it was going to be.  I realized, however, I needed closure from that part of my life.  Did I get it?  I am not sure.  Maybe some.

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04.8 Extranormal Skills

Extranormal: Magic Magic is one possible Extranormal attribute. For specific information on Magic, see its chapter in this book. Alteration Casting spells involving change. Apportation Casting spells involving movement. Conjuration Casting spells involving creation. Divination Casting spells involving knowledge. Extranormal:

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00.1 RonD6 Core Concepts 2.0

After playing around in game systems like Savage Worlds, Fantasy AGE, and others, I found that many concepts from those systems can translate to d6.  I have recently returned to this project with the intention of streamlining and changing a few core d6 concepts to further make this system more viable, at least to me.

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01.0 Basics

Rolling Dice – A die code shows how good a character is in a particular area, how harmful a weapon is, how useful a Special Ability or tool is, and so on. Each die code (also known as a value) indicates the number of six-sided dice you roll (1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, etc.), and sometimes an added bonus of “+1” or “+2” — referred to as pips — you add to the total result you roll on the dice.

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4 years of almost nothing should say something…

In the case of ConGregate, I am either a big failure or circumstances surrounding the convention are not conducive to a success gaming track.  Three of those four years, I gave it everything I could give. It was like squeezing

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Wild Die Advantaged/Disadvantaged

Design Notes: This a new concept inspired by some of new mechanics like ind D&D 5e and CoC 7e, where the GM tells the players they have advantage or disadvantage based on the situation. CONCEPT 1 Advantage: Wild Die is a

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Legacy of the Führer 2: Ice Station Schatzgräber

Playtested with nearly complete terrain projects for both nuked NYC encounter and the Ice Station encounter.  I think I hyped up the fear factor too early so by the time they got to the final battle, they were already done and ready to GFTO!

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