Day: April 3, 2018

Xagyg Dust Nebula

The Xagyg Dust Nebula is the shroud that spans anti-spinward end of the Frontiers (aka the Zebularon’s Expanse).   The homeworlds of the Vrusks, Dralasites and the Yazirian all contained deep with this massive section of space that is partially enveloped

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Savage SDF Character Races

Humans Expanse History does not explain why or how Humans were found in the Expanse.  It is assumed by many that an ancient alien race brought them here.  Some Humans brought to the Zebulon’s Expanse appear to be genetically manipulated

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The Serene Dawn, Merlin-Class survery transport

Art borrowed from Deviant Art The Serene Dawn is a Streel Merlin-class automated survery ship, with a robot crew and room enough for 12 survery live teams or 12 robotic survey.  It has 12 bays for Seeker class survery ships or

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