Day: September 4, 2018

Telkis Naslux, Tor’Drani Female Ranger

Homeworld: Tor’Drani homeworld, merchant fleet Born into a Nomadic Culture: She group up in a traditional Tor’Drani merchant culture. They focused its energy on moving its people from place of place, trading between various cultures.  Their governments focused on strong

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William Andrew Robert Campbell IV, Vicount Argyll (Human Noble, Diplomat, Psionic)

Home World: System: Truane’s Star.  Planet: New Pale, from the Projarus coastal regions. William was born to a noble sea-faring family on the Coastal/Island Regions of the western continent of New Pale.  Nomadic seafaring culture ruled by noble merchant houses.  Their culture

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Tselex Nocx, Dralasite Tech (Mad Scientist)

Home Colony: Truane’s Star Born into a Developing Culture: This is a culture that is making great strides to improve itself technologically, socially, and morally. This Dralasite colony rapidly arose from a post-Sathar War barbarism to return to modern society. 

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