Day: September 10, 2018

00a – Savage Star Frontiers Timeline

The following section is a list of major events in the history of the Frontier. (pf = Pre-Frontier; FY = Frontier Year)

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00 – Savage Star Frontiers Primer

The Frontier   Governing Body: Council of Worlds.  Military: United Planetary Federation Fleet.  Law Enforcement: Star Law Savage Frontier Timeline The Frontier is a region of space formed but 3 major stellar nations and various human populations found on various worlds. 

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00b – Savage Star Frontiers Major Corporations

Cassadine Development Corporation CDC has offices on all major worlds and is starting to expand beyond to Rim Worlds. Products & Services: Insurance, planetary and deep space mining operations, archaeological digs, and off-Frontier exploration ventures. Headquarters: New Hope, Triad, Cassidine.

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