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Writing Legacy of the Führer Part 3

PROJECT START: 06/2017 The second adventure playtested well twice.  I built some terrain around it and plan to run it at MACE 2017.  Now I have to come up with the final chapter in the trilogy.  There were enough clues

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Writing Legacy of the Führer Part 2

PROJECT START: 01/2017 DONE:  PLAYTESTED AT MACE WEST 2017 I have used several inspirations to write this one, starting with some notes that I found from Ken Richardson.  Castaway was an idea he wrote up that interested me, but figuring

Savage Herculoids

START: 2017-01-05 Had an idea for a one-shot in the Herculoids world, and including some of the cool bad guys.  Still formulating the idea, may have to binge watch some episodes to get it all figured out. Savage Herculoids Posts

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OGRe 6.x

PROJECT STATUS: v6.0 COMPLETE 2016-08 On going modifications to deal with the minor bugs and annoying behavior. OGRe 6.0 was rolled out just in time for MACE 20! I have worked for the past 2 months straight on it and

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Savage Reich Star

PROJECT STATUS: STARTED AND ON GOING. With the new Amazon show, The Man in the High Castle, I wonder if the Reich Star RPG might be something that would attract people.  I want to try and convert it to Savage Worlds

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OGRe 5.x

PROJECT STATUS: v5.0 COMPLETE. PROJECT STATUS: v5.2 COMPLETE. I continue to update OGRe, with a bootstrap framework, and JQuery.  The following needs to be done: Game Event Admin.  Adding games events. Volunteer Schedule Expand to make it easier for other

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WordPress Conversion of the Den

PROJECT STATUS: COMPLETE. I made the big leap to WordPress for my web site and I am slowly converting all the content to that format.  It is a lot. Star Wars and Star Frontiers alone will take months.  But it’s

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S*D Externals in Fading Suns

PROJECT STATUS: ON GOING Started writing up a series of articles that explains the Externals in Fading Suns terms. Inspired by the Fading Suns campaign I started on Wed nights, it is some of the best aspects of Star*Drive in

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The Fhar’ath, the I’krl Theocracy

PROJECT STATUS: ON GOING.  Fading Suns True20: The Externals In my new campaign, The Mysterium Platonis, I have decided to bring in the Externals from Star Drive. They seem to almost fit perfectly although they seem a little overpowered. I

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Living MACE/Emberbright Contest

PROJECT STATUS: ON GOING. An ongoing contest and project to create a Living campaign exclusively for MACE, set it at least 3 systems (Savage Worlds, Pathfinder, and Bare Bones Fantasy). Phase 1 decided on the specific setting, Emberbright by Matt

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