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Parkland Shooting

Here we go again, second verse same as the first.  A nut-job gets of a gun (legally) and shoots up a bunch of high school students.  My heart goes not to the victim’s families and the town in general.  It

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Book: The Ringworld Engineers

John, this is for you.  I finally finished the book!  The book you recommended to be back in 1989 and I got for Christmas that year.  My parents ordered them through the mail before there was an Amazon.  Thanks to

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Terrain: Croatoan Island Craft

Started: December, 2017 Phase One – the Build This is a very abstract idea I came up with based on several influences.  Combining the Bermuda Triangle mythology, with an alien Moon base, and the general multiverse trope from just about

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Savage Reich Star 08.3: Public Occupation

Roll 1d4 or Select the table that best suits your character concept

You’re responsible for the dumpster fire!

In a conversation where I found it funny that Oprah and The Rock were both being recruited to run for president (relating it back to the movie Idiocracy), I apparently triggered a lefty-acquaintance of mine to the point that he

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2017: Careful what you wish for

I have asked myself why I bother writing these every year.  I am not so narcissistic to think that anyone actually reads them.  Perhaps it is cathartic.  Perhaps it is just something to write.  I have always liked to look

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My Verdict: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I really had to sit on this for a while, because SW TLJ is a very bold movie.  It apparently has divided Star Wars fandom considerably, from the Dragon*Con fanboys down to the casual fans.  I have to respect Rian

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Savage Reich Star 08.2: Tiervolk or Moreaus

Optional Mutant Character Type Using the Savage World Supplement from DriveThruRPG, Mals: A Human-Animal Hybrid Sourcebook  Human animal hybrid experimentation is one of the many sinister methods used by the Reich for their many eugenics programs.  The Nippon Empire was no

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Book: Larry Niven’s Crashlander

With the help of audiobooks, I am going back through some books I bought a long time ago at the recommendation of my late friend John Reavis.  I hate that I waited this long to read them, this long after

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Savage Reich Star 08.1: Nationality

Reich Citizen: In the Reich, a character is either Ubermensch or Untermensch.  Ubermensch are considered to be German lineage.  Untermensch are the result of multiple decades of eugenics, population control and forced repopulation.  Ubermensch can have between 2 to 8 national lineages.  See Characters

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