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ConCarolinas 2018 Results

Things went really well at ConCarolinas 2018 Gaming – partially because I really worked hard on my attitude and partially because people are starting to understand the system.   There are a few areas I need to improve on still but

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Managing Gaming at a Convention, Part 1: Intro

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Post-That Con feedback

So we got feedback from That Con because they like to do surveys and all that.  While I am sure they have more than enough to deal with on the fandom end, by statistics, we did fine.  Out of 66 respondents, about 3 were rather scathing and hurtful.  So, cathartically, I am posting them here.  It is a realization that if my work with That Con is going to continue, I have to really look inside myself and figure out what is going on.  Is it burnout? Or is it something else?  Can it change?

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OGRe 6.x

PROJECT STATUS: v6.0 COMPLETE 2016-08 On going modifications to deal with the minor bugs and annoying behavior. OGRe 6.0 was rolled out just in time for MACE 20! I have worked for the past 2 months straight on it and

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The Secrets of Organizing Convention Gaming 2 – Know gaming!

Know gaming and the industry. I tend to gravitate to two things – role playing games and war or sci-fi oriented (Ameri-trash) board games.  In the beginning, I thought that was enough to coordinate gaming at the events I was doing.

Convention Poll – My take on it

I recently posted a poll on FB in hopes to find out reasons for gamers not attending.  Both our ConCarolinas and ConGregate efforts were less than stellar.  Although ConCarolinas is considered a rebuilding year, ConGregate was a third try and

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The Secrets of Organizing Convention Gaming 1

For 15+ years now, I have been organizing gaming for both small to medium gaming cons and sci-fi cons, at an average of 3 to 4 a year.  Over the years, I have developed a system that seems to work

OGRe 5.x

PROJECT STATUS: v5.0 COMPLETE. PROJECT STATUS: v5.2 COMPLETE. I continue to update OGRe, with a bootstrap framework, and JQuery.  The following needs to be done: Game Event Admin.  Adding games events. Volunteer Schedule Expand to make it easier for other

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