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Star Trek: Ascendancy (MACE 2017)

This is the first time I played this game with the new expansions.  Both were played with a 4 player game, leaving the Romulans out. I think most of the players played conservatively at the beginning.  That tends to make

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My MACE 2017 Schedule

Fri 8 pm – 12 am: Shatterzone Xenos Alpha I play tested this at RonCon.  I am not sure how well this is going to go.  I never ran SZ at a Con because of its complexities.  I am going to

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Alien Vs. Predator, The Hunt Begins, MACE West 2017

These are pictures of my playtest but I did play it at MACE West 2017 with 2 other players.  I want to like this game so much but I think it has its flaws.  Either that, or we are playing

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Star Trek Ascendancy, MACE West 2017

This is a great game!  It really has a Star Trek feel.  I plan to do a review of this but I really look forward to playing this more and more, especially with expansions.  The 3 player game is great

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Scythe, MACE West 2017

I plan to write a review of this game soon.  It has be torn.  It has a strong Euro feel but just enough player interaction and combat that it keeps my attention.  This was by far one of the best

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Scythe, mini-mace 2017

This game has me torn.  I don’t necessarily like Euro-games.  Worker placement is not bad but the general race to the most points bothers me.  I need more player interaction and this one has some.  No dice rolling though.  Just

Tide of Iron – Very Cool Game

It is a game I have been anticipating since its announced release. I had played games similar to it – Memoir ’44, Axis & Alliles minis – and enjoyed them to some degree. I know I could not afford it

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Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition Report (Jan 20)

Well, it is over. I built it up in my own mind so much, I am not sure if could have lived up to my expectations even if it went perfectly. And it went far from perfect, at least in

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Cool game – Three Dragon Ante

This is a very cool game – D&D Poker. Played it on World Wide D&D Day and at MACE.

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Labor Day Board Games at ABG

Thanks to Ryan, Lisa, Malakai, Michelle, and Kris for turning out and playing ATTACK! (wtih ATTACK! expansion). Congrats to Ryan’s Democracy for winning and everyone for wiping out the communists completely. The Fascist South Africans could were picked on enough

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