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Terrain: Croatoan Island Craft

Started: December, 2017 Phase One – the Build This is a very abstract idea I came up with based on several influences.  Combining the Bermuda Triangle mythology, with an alien Moon base, and the general multiverse trope from just about

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Savage Reich Star 08.3: Public Occupation

Roll 1d4 or Select the table that best suits your character concept

Savage Reich Star 08.2: Tiervolk or Moreaus

Optional Mutant Character Type Using the Savage World Supplement from DriveThruRPG, Mals: A Human-Animal Hybrid Sourcebook  Human animal hybrid experimentation is one of the many sinister methods used by the Reich for their many eugenics programs.  The Nippon Empire was no

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Savage Reich Star 08.1: Nationality

Reich Citizen: In the Reich, a character is either Ubermensch or Untermensch.  Ubermensch are considered to be German lineage.  Untermensch are the result of multiple decades of eugenics, population control and forced repopulation.  Ubermensch can have between 2 to 8 national lineages.  See Characters

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Savage Reich Star Tech #3.8: Schnuller Devices

Inspired by Phillip K Dicks “mood organs” in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Schnuller Device (in the Reich)  or the Oshaburi (in the Empire) was introduced in the early 90s through the Ministry Of Health And Human Resources (the Reich)/Ministry of

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New Inspiration: Savage Ringworld

I have resurrected my interest in Niven-Known Space setting, starting with the Ringworld setting.  I am going to re-read the Ringworld books and use the resources I have at hand to come up with a trilogy of adventures for conventions.  The real

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Savage Reich Star Tech #3.7: Life Extension Tech

Some aspects of the Niven-verse (bosterspice) have inspired me to apply them to the Reich Star universe.  Also recently, the new show Altered Carbon has given me some ideas. There are two major ways to extend ones’ lives in 2065: body

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Legacy of the Führer 2: Ice Station Schatzgräber (MACE 2017)

My Savage Reich Star game at MACE 2017.  Ice Station Schatzgräber. The crafts included the ruined New York City block (New York was nuked in 1942 in this timeline), the initiative Savage Skulls in use, and the pièce de résistance –

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Shatterzone: Xenos Alpha (MACE 2017)

Some crafts I used in my Shatterzone RPG at MACE 2017 – billowing fires (explosions), and body markers. Inspired by many crafts from here. This game went well but took too long.  I decided to do a random encounter en-route

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My MACE 2017 Schedule

Fri 8 pm – 12 am: Shatterzone Xenos Alpha I play tested this at RonCon.  I am not sure how well this is going to go.  I never ran SZ at a Con because of its complexities.  I am going to

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