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Legacy of the Führer 2: Ice Station Schatzgräber (MACE 2017)

My Savage Reich Star game at MACE 2017.  Ice Station Schatzgräber. The crafts included the ruined New York City block (New York was nuked in 1942 in this timeline), the initiative Savage Skulls in use, and the pièce de résistance –

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Shatterzone: Xenos Alpha (MACE 2017)

Some crafts I used in my Shatterzone RPG at MACE 2017 – billowing fires (explosions), and body markers. Inspired by many crafts from here. This game went well but took too long.  I decided to do a random encounter en-route

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Shatterzone: Xenos Alpha (RonCon Fall 2017)

System/Setting: Shatterzone DATE: 2017/09/23 I am developing a trilogy of adventures for Shatterzone, slightly inspired by my old work in it.  I wanted to make it more gritty and fun, as well as unique.  I have struggled to get back

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Legacy of the Führer 2: Ice Station Schatzgräber

Playtested with nearly complete terrain projects for both nuked NYC encounter and the Ice Station encounter.  I think I hyped up the fear factor too early so by the time they got to the final battle, they were already done and ready to GFTO!

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Necropolis (ConCarolinas 2017)

SYSTEM: Call of Cthulhu 7e Another one of the canned adventures by Chaosium for the summer convention season, Necropolis is a short introductions adventure with a simple premise and straightforward purpose.  It is meant to help the players get used to

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The Dreaming Ward (ConCarolinas 2017)

SYSTEM: Call of Cthulhu 7e Chaosium released a few free adventures for the summer con season and I decided to run some of those.  Key word is that these are free.  You get what you pay for.  Although they are

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Legacy of the Führer 2: Ice Station Schatzgräber, MACE West 2017

I was very nervous going into this session because I made the mistake of talking it up.  I was really excited about it because it combined so many elements that I enjoy. I was lucky to get a great group

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Genius Loci (RonCon Spring 2017)

Danvers State Hospital has been a passing obsession since I saw the movie Session 9.  When Chaosium published an adventure about it (I had some ideas myself) I wanted to run it so badly.  I decided to add a little more

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The Derelict (mini-mace 2017)

SYSTEM: Call of Cthulhu 7e DATE: 2017-01-28 I was not entirely satisfied with the way this one went.  Maybe I needed more prep time but the group never got to a point that made them want to stay on board and

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Cults of Chaos: A Time of Harvest Episode 2

WHERE: MACE 2016 (Charlotte, NC) WHEN: November 12, 2016 SYSTEM/SETTING: Call of Cthulhu 7e/ 1930 America, Arkham This adventure was completely different from Episode 1.  It was far less railroading and more free formatted.  I had to egg the characters on

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