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Wild Die Advantaged/Disadvantaged

Design Notes: This a new concept inspired by some of new mechanics like ind D&D 5e and CoC 7e, where the GM tells the players they have advantage or disadvantage based on the situation. CONCEPT 1 Advantage: Wild Die is a

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d6 Class System

I have made several attempts to create a decent d6 Class system. I am currently revising a new one. D6 Class System v2.0 Archetypes: Arcane, Brute, Deft, Diplomat, Expert, Quick, Scholar d6 Adventure d6 Space d6 Fantasy

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Wild Die House Rule

Getting a ‘1’ on the Wild Die Despite the rulebooks insistants that the GM decide whether the ‘1’ on the Wild die counts as a complication, or a “take away the highest” or nothing, my players were convinced that they

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