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G- Zones (G-Zonen)

Inspired in part by Colony TV show. The Nazi Ghetto program during the War of Reunification was extensive throughout Europe and grew once the Allies surrendered.  Eventually, the populations were transitioned to various concentration and labor camps.  By the end of

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Big Bad: Temporal Elemental

Characters: Tower Cell Mu-Alpha

These are the characters I use for the convention games. Aliana Brinley-Reid Aliana is a rogue Psychic who works with Dr. Larin. Raised on the streets, abandoned by drug-addict parents, she got her name off an online obituary. She lived

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Alien: Vokkix

The Aliens call themselves the Vrokkix or simply the Vrok.  They are a reptilian version of the classic gray aliens of folklore.  They are tell (about 8 ft), gaunt and scaled.  They are unusually strong.  Some have strong psychic abilities.

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Terrain: Croatoan Island Craft

Started: December, 2017 Phase One – the Build This is a very abstract idea I came up with based on several influences.  Combining the Bermuda Triangle mythology, with an alien Moon base, and the general multiverse trope from just about

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Organization: Division 8

This was inspired by various things but primarily the mood organs in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Phillip K Dick.  

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Terrain: Ice Station Schatzgräber Launch Bay

Based on this picture from an adventure I found online (RPGNow, The Modern Dispatch 129 – The Ice Palace) .  I photoshopped this to fit my adventure a little.

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Source: National Treasures of the Reich

Famous Buildings, Landmarks and Institutions Chancellory Building in Berlin – Offices of Der Führer and his staff. The Reichskabinet also convenes here. Reichstag Building, Berlin- Offices and assembly halls for the Reichstag, located across from the River Spree in front of

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Terrain: Ruined New York City Craft

Decided to try my hand at modern-ish building ruins appropriate for a nuked NYC, like in Reich Star.  

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Faction: Untergräuel

With all the controlled eugenics programs, forced repopulation and general cultural genocide performed by both the Reich and (less so) the Empire, the majority of humanity has lost most of its genetic identity. Of course, this was intentional, in an effort to make the cultures of the Axis the most dominant on the planet. Also, the philosophy was that if you isolated the degenerate genetic lines, they would eventually die out, while the Aryan lines would flourish. Unfortunately, true science trumped ideology and the so-called untermensch have flourished as well as the Aryan ubermensch, if not better.

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