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Savage Herculoids

START: 2017-01-05 Had an idea for a one-shot in the Herculoids world, and including some of the cool bad guys.  Still formulating the idea, may have to binge watch some episodes to get it all figured out. Savage Herculoids Posts

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DragonStar/D&D 5e

Future Idea: Dragonstar has alway been a great setting but was tied to a flowed 3rd edition D&D.  I want to take it to the next level and convert it to D&D 5e.  There seems to be at least an

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Savage Star*Drive Frontiers

Future idea: With the new sci-fi setting, The Last Parsec, I am really considering moving my SDF setting to that.  Much of it can be converted as much of it is inspired by Star Frontiers.  I just to convert a few races.

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Savage Bloodshadows

Future Idea: Although this setting is a lot like Deadlands Noir, there is more fantasy elements than horror.   As I get more and more comfortable with fantasy, I really would like to explore this setting again. Savage Worlds would work really

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Twilight Imperium 2e ships converted to 3e

I’ve always wanted to come up with new classes of ships for TI using the 2nd edition ships.

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Stargate Board Game Rules Rewrite

This poor board game is in desperate need of a rules re-write. It has such potential but so many little flaws, it makes the game simple minded and inane. I am considering a rules re-write and expansion (especially in the

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