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Ranged Weapons

Below is a list of Ranged Weapons in Savage Worlds SDF.  Some are directly from Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion.  The weapons in Blue are new to Savage Worlds sci-fi.


In Savage SDF, these weapons send a charged beam that neutralizes the charged in electrons, causing the protons of the target to realign and sometimes repel each other.  The best defense against these are Gaussian Screens.

Electric Weapons

Electrostunner – An electrostunner looks like a large pistol. It is a short-range weapon that fires an arc of electrons that looks like a lightning flash. It is commonly called a zapgun because of the noise it makes when fired. An electrostunner has two settings, stun and blast. A blast causes 3d6 points of damage. A stun can knock a creature unconscious for 1 hour unless it makes a Vigor roll.   It holds a power clip, but can also be connected to a beltpack or powerpack with a 1.5 meter powercord. A gauss screen will block the electrostunner’s beam. An anti-shock implant will nullify a stun but not a blast.

Weapon Range Dmg RoF Shots Cost Wt. Min.Str. Defense Notes
Electrostunner 2/4/8 3d6 1 20 500 2 Gauss / A-S Stun, Vigor roll to avoid

Flame Weapons

Also known as Flamers, the best defense against these is a flame retardant skein or grid suit.

Flechette Weapons

Also known as Needlers, these weapons are high velocity projectile type weapons.  The best defense versus these weapons are Skein suits, or Inertia Screens.


In addition to the Grenades listed in the SW SFC, the following grenades are available in Savage SDF.

Doze Grenades – A doze grenade releases a cloud of fast-acting knockout gas. All creatures within a Medium Burst Template will fall asleep for 1 hour unless they make a Vigor roll (-2 to those in the same square as where the grenade was thrown). A shot of stimdose will revive a sleeping individual immediately. The doze gas is effective only on the round that the grenade goes off.

Poison Grenades– A poison grenade releases a cloud of poisonous gas in a Medium Burst Template. The gas is effective only on the round the grenade explodes. The gas causes 1 automatic wound, and 1 wound per round thereafter for 5 rounds. A character who succeeds at a Vigor roll -2 will not be affected, nor will anyone in a gas mask. A shot of antitox will neutralize the poison so that no further damage is taken.

Tangler Grenades  – An exploding tangler grenade throws out hundreds of strong, sticky polymer threads. These threads stick to everything within a Small Burst Template. An entangled individual can not move until the threads decay (in 30 minutes) or until solvaway is spread over the threads. A creature with a die 8 or higher in Strength may make a Strength roll at -4 to try to break free. Cooperative attempts may be made.

Weapon Range Dmg RoF Shots Cost Wt. Defense Notes
Doze Grenade 5/10/20 Special 1 1 10 Medium Burst Template
Poison Grenade 5/10/20 Special 1 1 30 Medium Burst Template
Tangler Grenade 5/10/20 Special 1 1 25 Small Burst Template

Gyrojet Weapons

Gyrojets weapons are available in Savage SDF, unchanged.

Laser Weapons

Lasers weapons are available in Savage SDF, unchanged.  Addionally, there is another version of Lasers, called Rapidly Fluctuating Radiation Weapons (Rafflurs). Rafflurs are a special type of Laser weapons designed to bypass Albedo screens.  All Rafflurs beams are bright white and emit a powerful blast of proton charge laser toward the target.  Proton beams can be deflected or bent away from their target by powerful magnetic fields.  Use the Laser weapons stats from the Science Fiction Companion for range and damage.

Particle Accelerators (Blasters) 

In Savage Worlds, these weapons are called EMA – ElectroMagnetic Accellerators.   Otherwise, they are the same.

Plasma Weapons (Blasters)

These are called Blasters in Savage SDF.  Otherwise they are unchanged.

Portable Missile Launcher

These are unchanged from the SW SFC.

Sonic Weapons

Sonic Stunner  – A sonic stunner is a type of pistol. It is commonly called a stunner. It will stun a victim for 1 hour unless the victim makes a Vigor roll. It uses a power clips, but can be attached to a beltpack or a powerpack. A target with an anti-shock implant is immune to the effect of a Sonic stunner. Otherwise, only a sonic screen can stop the stunner’s sound beam.

Sonic Disruptor – A sonic disruptor is a type of rifle and is commonly called a disruptor. A sonic disruptor generates a focused sound beam. The damage it causes depends on the range. At closer ranges, it causes more damage. It causes 3d8 points of damage at short range, 2d8 at short range and 1d8 at long range. It uses a 1 power clip but can also be attached to a beltpack or powerpack. Only a sonic screen can stop its deadly beam.

Sonic Devastator – A sonic devastator is a heavy weapon that must be mounted on a tripod or a swivel mount to be fired. Except for its greater range and damage, the sonic devastator operates just like the sonic disruptor.

Weapon Range Dmg RoF Shots Cost Wt. Min.Str. Defense Notes
Sonic Stunner 4/8/15 Stun 1 20 500 2 Sonic / A-S
Sonic Disruptor 5/10/20 3d8/ 2d8/ 1d8 1 20 700 8 Sonic
Sonic Devastator 10/25/50 6d8/ 4d8/ 2d8 1 100 5000 30 Sonic Mounted or tripod weapon


These are unchanged from the SW SFC.


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