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More Shatterzone Content

I have been going through my old hand written notes and trying to transcribe them to this web site.  Included in these are – Adventures for the main campaign I ran way back when, just after I graduated college.  I

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New Content: Polomegan Campaign

My Second Star Frontiers campaign inspired by Battletech, the future Earth in Terminator, some concepts from the movie Alien Nation

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More Dark Conspiracy content

I have been going through my old files with the intent of throwing stuff away.  There is quite a bit of hand written notes that I decided needed to be transcribed before I threw them away.  Some are complete whole

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More Transcribed old stuff!

I added several new things to the Star Frontiers site, included 3 new additional races that were in my files (Trog, Tzen and Eirkar), and I am adding more to my very first College Years adventure location, Conildra Tatil/City of

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Complete True20 Star*Drive Gear

Coming Soon: Completely converted Star*Drive Weapons and Armor as well as d20 Future and Star Frontiers gear. Found a d20 conversion of all the Alternity Star*Drive that I am going through and updating to True20. While I am at it,

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