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Bro’ac (Savage SDF)

Racial Characteristics Average Size: 2.5 meters tall Average Mass: 90 kilograms Average Lifespan:40 320 years Reproduction: Carnivore, Spores Body Temperature: 22 C Bro’ac are a mysterious and space-faring sentient plant-like species which inhabits several worlds of the Rim Sector. Homeworld Unknown.  They

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02 – Savage SF Character Races

Humans Frontier History does not explain why or how Humans were found in the Frontier .  It is assumed by many that an ancient alien race brought them here.  Some Humans brought to the Frontier appear to be genetically manipulated

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Alien: Vokkix

The Aliens call themselves the Vrokkix or simply the Vrok.  They are a reptilian version of the classic gray aliens of folklore.  They are tell (about 8 ft), gaunt and scaled.  They are unusually strong.  Some have strong psychic abilities.

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The Nacaal

The Nacaal are an alien race that once served Ra as special shock troops.  They were treasured by Ra as powerful warriors with unequalled psychic abilities.  They used their mind in combat as a weapon.  They are serpent-like creatures, with

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Hykosians, Reboot

(Under construction) I expanded on this years ago but since then, I have had many new influences inspire me to re-address them.  One in particular is Alternity Star*Drive setting.  The Armagons sound like an External race from Star*Drive,  so I am going to use that

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