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Skull or Replicator Drones

Inspired by D&D Kruthik All Skull Drones remain dormant until wakened.  While dormant, they appear as perfectly smooth silver spheres about 2 feet in diameter. Skull Drones, Scouts Small, constructs (insectoid) Abilities (Focuses) 3 Accuracy (Brawling) 0 Communication 1 Constitution

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Giant Spider

Poisonous arachnids of exceptional size, giant spiders have eight legs, a pair of large fangs,  and range from the size of a large dog to that of a horse. They have a hard and fury outer exoskeleton that comes in

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Denizens of the Rust Wastes

I need a few creatures that are common to the Rust Wastes, so I decided to expand on the region and create creatures somewhat inspired by stuff that is already out there. South of the Divide, the Rust Wastes is

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Polomegan Campaign: Random Encounters

These encounter tables are not very detailed (and the details I did write down did not make much sense). I salvaged what I could and made up the rest.  I had planned to do “Special” encounter tables but never got

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The Highbreed

These were created after I started using the Zebulon’s Guide to Frontier Space.  Drawings were scanned in from originals on notebook paper.  Not my best work, of course, but just getting the concept across.  Some are stat’ed out and others

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Polomegan Campaign: NPCs & Bestiary

Average NPCs Polomegan Freedom Fighter, Regular RW M IM RS STA PS Human 65 80 7 65 50 8 Dara’Ilan 70 75 8 75 50 7 Polomegan Freedom Fighter, Officer RW M IM RS STA PS Human 90 80 6

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The Nightbreed

Clive Barker’s In Dark Conspiracy Nightbreed, to me was an inspiring movie of unique design. The novel, Cabal, got me hooked on Clive Barker. So I thought, at some point, I would create a tribute to Nightbreed, the Children of

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