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Azrael System, Xenos Sector

Star Name: Azrael (white) Number of Planets: 5 Clarus Orbit: 1 Type: barren rock Orbital Radius: 0.48 AU Period: 0.31 earth years Gravity: 0.87 Gs Heavy Radiation.  Dark gray surface, rich in iron, nickel and other basic minerals.  No mining

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The Sovereignty Of Man

The Legacy of the Terran Expanse The Sovereignty of Man is the Human sub government within the Dominion. It presides over the activities of humanity as a whole but does not concern itself with the details of their day to day lives. Individual

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Planet: Port Bren

System: Azrael Sector: Xenos Moons: 1 – Ablenides; 1 debris field, former moon. Climate: Desert world Background Notes Most know the unremarkable world of Point Bren, home to the bothersome shatrat group lead by Cror Sendalven, but few know its history.  A

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Planet: Alpha Dawn

Alpha Dawn is an Earth like planet where the first Frontier humans are said to have originated from.  Alpha Dawn is still a thriving colony but has long been forgotten by those in the Frontier.  It has developed into a

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Proscenius System

Proscenius system (Xenos Sector) was abandoned by the corporations after it was mined completely dry.  The sun is a red dwarf star and the only habitable planet is the frigid world Vantage Point. Proscenius I Proscenius I is a hot

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The System of Basilisk Basilisk is the fourth planet in a binary star system, with only four other planets. Basilisk orbits a yellow sun, and is called the Wink. The other sun is a red giant, which is known as the Gaze

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Kischen Minor (Timeon IV)

Kischen Minor is a dead barren rock world with little to no atmosphere, and always has been.  The surface consists of an extremely dense federanium composite .  The terrain is jagged and dangerous, rocky rides with knife-like edges.  However, underground

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Rupert’s Hole, Cassadine

Rupert’s Hole Industrial Agricultural Facility System: Cassadine Planet: Cassadine III (Rupert’s Hole) – Trade Space Station Triad 81 (CDC) Rupert’s Hole was first discovered in the early years of the Frontier and immediately found to be a prime planet for

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FS-30/Libertas System

Home to the Mhemne

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Waller Nexus System

A halfway point between the Verge and the Zebulon’s Expanse

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