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Savage Reich Star Tech #3.8: Schnuller Devices

Inspired by Phillip K Dicks “mood organs” in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Schnuller Device (in the Reich)  or the Oshaburi (in the Empire) was introduced in the early 90s through the Ministry Of Health And Human Resources (the Reich)/Ministry of

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Battlestar Galactica (original) Meets Star Wars RPG

CYLON RAIDER Craft: Cylon Raider Type: Space superior  fighter Length: 10 meters Skill: starfighter piloting: cylon raider Crew: 3 Crew Skill: Starfighter Piloting – 5d+1, starship gunnery – 5d, sensors – 4d+2 Cargo Capacity: 0 kilograms Consumables: None Maneuverability: 2D+1

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Star Frontiers Ships in Star Wars: UPF Assault Carrier

Type: carrier Scale:capital Length:256m Skill:capital ship piloting: Assault Carrier Crew:400. skeleton:300 Passengers:60 Cargo Capacity:1,900 tons Consumables:6 months Hyperdrive Multiplier:4 Hyperdrive Backup:20 Nav Computer:yes Maneuverability:0D Space:3 Hull:4D+1 Shields:1D Weapons: 2 Laser Batteries fa:turret crew:2 fc:2D space range:1-5/10/17 atmosphere range:1-5/10/17km damage:3D+2 8

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Star Frontiers Ships in Star Wars: UPF Assault Scout

  Type:Light attack/scouting vessel Scale:starfighter Length:48m Skill:space transports: Assault Scout Crew:6 Passengers:6 Cargo Capacity:115 tons Consumables:6 months Hyperdrive Multiplier:4 Hyperdrive Backup:- Nav Computer:yes Maneuverability:3D Space:6 Atmosphere:330; 950kmh Hull:4D+2 Shields:0D Sensors:20/0D; 40/1D; 60/2D; 3/3D Weapons: 4 Assault Rockets fa:f crew:pilot fc:2D

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Cool Tools for Star Wars RPG

Holo-Grenade Holo-Video Grenade Construction Skill: Holo-Vid repair; computer prog or droid prog Dificulty to build: ^ Moderate; ^ Difficult Operation: Grenade (just press the button and throw) Effect: Projects a 3D image pre-programmed into an area with a radius of

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Star Wars d6 RPG SlugThrowers

Type: Bolar Projectile’s Deviant/Slugthrower Damage: 2D+1 Range: 1-5/10/25 Availability: 2 Ammo: 2 Fire rate: 2 Cost: 50/clips 5 Capsule: Bolar Projectile’s, once the galaxy’s finest provider of weapons, created this weapon as a cheap way to provide civilians with self

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Cybernetics, version 2

OCRed this from something I had in my files.  I think one of my players wrote this up. In Star Frontiers, you can be rebuilt, changed, improved. Or that is the standard line. However, you lose a piece of yourself

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Genetic Modification

OCRed this from something I had in my files.  I think one of my players wrote this up. A character with the Genetics skill can make certain changes on the fetuses of organic life forms, thus modifying the basic form.

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Cybernetics, version 1

The process of combining the power of machine and the versatility of flesh is cybernetics.  For example, replacing bone and muscle with high density surgical steel and nano-tech enhanced smart-fibers to increase strength.  There are four types or Series of

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Genin Stealth Combat Armor

Level: 3 SEU: 20/hour Protect: 100 Cost: Currently unavailable for sale Mass: BMM x 4 Kg. Helmet: Starlight visor, Infra red sensor, 3 progit body comp, Chrono Display and Comlink, Body Scan, Video Cam Misc. Power: 50 SEU Scanners: Motion (A), Parabolic (A), Odor (A) Fields: Holo .

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