Day: April 6, 2018

Bro’ac (Savage SDF)

Racial Characteristics Average Size: 2.5 meters tall Average Mass: 90 kilograms Average Lifespan:40 320 years Reproduction: Carnivore, Spores Body Temperature: 22 C Bro’ac are a mysterious and space-faring sentient plant-like species which inhabits several worlds of the Rim Sector. Homeworld Unknown.  They

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Candrosian (Savage SDF)

Physical Description The Candrosian are a horned, hexa-pedal, tailed centauroid species. Four limbs are used for locomotion, and the remaining two for manipulation. They have a thin-fur layer over a leathery plated skin. They stand on two set of legs,

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Highlander, the Movie, the TV series and reboot idea

The Highlander movie and the subsequent TV series (there were no movie sequels, their can be only one) all had a profound effect on my life.  It was my first real exposure to the urban fantasy genre and it really inspired

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