Month: July 2018

So I am back, but not sure I want to be…

Since 2012, I have often pictures That Con coming back to me and asking me to help dig it out of the hole that they dug themselves into.  I imagined the satisfaction I would feel in knowing that in the

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06a – Savage SF Equipment: Body-Comps

Bodycomps are modular wearable  computer systems. The development of the modular system of computer snap-on program units or progits as well as hardware that is completely compatible with all computer systems brought about the development of personal wearable computers.  The

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05 – Savage SF Equipment: Weapons

Ranged Weapons Below is a list of Ranged Weapons in Savage Worlds SDF.  Some are directly from Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion (SW SFC).  The weapons in Blue are new to Savage Worlds sci-fi. Disintegrators In Savage SDF, these weapons

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04 – Savage SF Equipment: Defenses

Defensive Power Screens All power screens except the chameleon screen are worn like belts around the waist. Special adapters are provided for Dralasites at no extra cost. Only one power screen can be worn or used at one time. Putting on

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