Month: September 2018

RPGaDay 2018 Day 30. Share something you learned about playing your character

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04a – The War of the Pales

Drawing from the The Volturnus Connection, Building background for the Volturnus campaign by Stephen Bonario in Dragon Magazine, #98, pg. 71 as well as other resources and marrying them with the changes I have made to the setting, I decided to write a further

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03a – S’saran Historical Addendum

The S’saran are from Skaras, a planet hundreds of lights years away from the Frontier, on the other side of what is thought to be Sathar space.  The S’saran war with the Sathar invaders ended with the destruction of their

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RPGaDay 2018 Day 29. Share a friendship you have because of RPGs

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Vydiryss, S’saran Warrior, Templar of the Church

Born on Skaras over 150 years ago, Vydiryss became a member of the Sacred Church of Life as a Templar. The Templar were extremely able warriors that enforced the doctrine of the Church in the daily lives of the S’saran.

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Jov’R Myardak – Yazirian Warrior

Born into a Yazirian Clan of dynamic culture – a culture marked by rapid growth, development and expansion. New lands were being claimed by this clan all over her home-world and technology was advanced and abundant, often progressing a full

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RPGaDay 2018 Day 28. Share whose inspiring gaming excellence you’re grateful for

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RPGaDay 2018 Day 27. Share a great stream / actual play

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06 – Savage SF Equipment: Misc. Equipment

Goggles Electromagnetic Goggles are used to spot the tell-tale pale blue or purple sheen surrounding all force screens and fields, whether caused by a device or a Psionic power. Infrared Goggles allow a character allow a character to see heat images in total darkness. They

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RPGaDay 2018 Day 26. Gaming ambition for the next 12 months

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