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Noble Armada by FASA Games Inc

They published some of my writing in this.  Thanks FASA Games Inc Share List

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More Fading Suns Content

Added a ton more content to the Fading Suns side. More content on the Highbreed Dawn Campaign.  Character stuff I write up, plus the 20+ questions that I made them do, plus more content in the Chronicle in places. More

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Wednesday Night Gaming on Hiatus

I am officially placing my Wednesday night gaming on hiatus. Real life just simply does not make it easy and that makes it hard for me to have a satisfying experience. It is nothing against those that loyally stuck with

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Fading Suns True20 V2.

The Races Update A even more complete conversion. Added the d20 races from the Character Codex, 2 new races from other sources, updated existing races with new options. I added the Ascorbites, Etyri, Gannock, Hironem, Oro’ym, and the Shantor from

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The Fhar’ath, the I’krl Theocracy

PROJECT STATUS: ON GOING.  Fading Suns True20: The Externals In my new campaign, The Mysterium Platonis, I have decided to bring in the Externals from Star Drive. They seem to almost fit perfectly although they seem a little overpowered. I

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Loyalty to duty before anything else

One of the things that Cyrus is struggling with in this new turn in life is loyalty to his friends.  The Charioteers have always been friends with the Muster.  But the Code says “loyalty to the contract” is first.  This

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Fading Suns True20: A Road So Dark (Sess. 2)

The trip to Leaguehiem The second session of the adventure was a little more impromptu and I did not prepare well, so these sessions notes will be more about what I wished I had done.  This part was born of

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Fading Suns True20: A Road so Dark

I ran “A Road so Dark” in True20. True20 is becoming my house system. It went very well although we only got about half way through. Instead of changing it completely, which I do a lot, I read the adventure

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Fading Suns True20: A Road So Dark (Sess. 3)

The Secrets of Leaghiem My game group never got to finish this adventure as a one shot, so instead I ran it as part of the start of a campaign I plan to run in Fading Suns true20. It went

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Fading Suns True20

More Complete Conversion Using already posted True20 conversions, I am modifying those conversions and creating my own Fading Suns True20 conversions. Share List

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