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Star Devil Pirates

The Star Devil pirate band were a pirate organization  that grew into a much larger criminal syndicate since “El Diablo” took over.

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The Edestekai

The Edestekai – also known as the Elders but the Ul-Mor and the Kurabanda – are a mysterious race of three-legged creatures. The Edestekai have an advanced social organization run by their priests. Religion is the dominant, factor in Edestekai

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The Kurabanda

The Kurabanda are a forest dwelling race of intelligent creatures somewhat similar to monkeys in appearance. These creatures have a crude form of tribal organization. They are known to have very primitive religious beliefs. They are believed to have a

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The Yernoid (rewrite)

Yernoids are man-sized bipedal reptilian creatures (smaller versions of the Eorna) which have developed a rudimentary intelligence which include tool and weapon making. These creatures usually roam in the caves and underground of the badlands.  They are sensitive to light. 

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The Zethra of Volturnus

There was no species I disliked more than the Zethra, introduced some time ago in a Dragon magazine (Dragon Magazine, issue #84, by Ed Greenwood).  I really did not like their look so much that I did not even bother

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The Ul-Mor

Ul-Mor resembles octopi adapted to life on land. Like octopi, Ul-Mor has eight large limbs. Each limb ends in five small tentacles useful for grasping and manipulation. They walk on the four largest limbs, using the other four to hold weapons and

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The Eorna

  The Eorna are a highly advanced race of fur-covered dinosauroids native to Volturnus. The Eorna are a highly advanced ancient race of sentient warm-blooded bipedal sauroid omnivores standing approximately three meters in height. They have well-developed arms with human-like hands suitable

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03 – Savage SF Fringe/Minor Character Races

The following races are available in Star Drive Frontiers.  These are considered minor races because they have not established a stellar nation of any kind or small stellar nations of a 3 to 6 systems.  However, they were contacted by one

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Bengradi (Savage SDF)

Physical Description The Bengradi are a species of tailed felinoid bipeds that look like a humanoid version of a terrestrial Bengal Tiger, with  orange with black stripe pelts, feline ears and tail. They are a genetic-off-shoot of the Halogai’, gengineered

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Kestarians (Savage SDF)

Physical Description Kestarians are humanoid, their pale skin with hint of bold hue. Their hair remains white or gray for their entire life, and both men and women allow it to grow to prodigious lengths. The primary difference between “Kests” and Humans

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