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More Dark Conspiracy content

I have been going through my old files with the intent of throwing stuff away.  There is quite a bit of hand written notes that I decided needed to be transcribed before I threw them away.  Some are complete whole

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New Campaign in 2016

I am throwing around the idea of a possible campaign idea for 2016 Friday night gaming.  I have 3 to choose from.  Here they are as well as the pros and cons for each. Fantasy Age System: Titansgrave I have

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More Fading Suns Content

Added a ton more content to the Fading Suns side. More content on the Highbreed Dawn Campaign.  Character stuff I write up, plus the 20+ questions that I made them do, plus more content in the Chronicle in places. More

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Savage Worlds – Ghost Ship for the Cruise

Working on creating Savage Worlds characters and converting an old d20 Modern horror adventure by Greywood Publishing/Hogshead Publishing by Brian Underhill. It has a lot of potential.  I had this idea formulating in my head and come to find out

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More Dragonstar Content

As I redevelop the site, I have found way more content I can add.  It’s not always complete or not always something I actually used in the campaign, but it was in my notes, so I figured I would get

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Fading Suns True20 V2.

The Races Update A even more complete conversion. Added the d20 races from the Character Codex, 2 new races from other sources, updated existing races with new options. I added the Ascorbites, Etyri, Gannock, Hironem, Oro’ym, and the Shantor from

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The Fhar’ath, the I’krl Theocracy

PROJECT STATUS: ON GOING.  Fading Suns True20: The Externals In my new campaign, The Mysterium Platonis, I have decided to bring in the Externals from Star Drive. They seem to almost fit perfectly although they seem a little overpowered. I

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The Breshingridge Center & more!

1Coming soon to Protodimension Magazine by me: (1) The Breshingridge Center – a minion hunting organization for DC. It’s a fairly large article – 10 pages double spaced. I expanded on the Center considerably. (2) The Mysteries of Vaal-Al Part

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Uncle Timothy’s Will

For the past year, I have been running “Uncle Timothy’s Will” from the Blood Brothers supplement at conventions. I have always been skepticle about non-Lovecraftian horror in CoC but I decided to give it a shot. I ran this at

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The Globules Re-write

PROJECT STATUS: COMPLETE. Working on a re-write of The Globules, from Challenge Magazine #74. I plan to run this at some cons this year. I am not sure what system. I am going to try True20 at mini-mace

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