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Noble Armada by FASA Games Inc

They published some of my writing in this.  Thanks FASA Games Inc Share List

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Basics of Writing a RPG One Shot Adventure

The Basics or the Hook The device that draws the player characters into the adventure. This is includes the background. The Push The motive they have to escape their current situation The Pull The reward they expect for achieving the

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Protodimension: Mercurial

Type: Splinterland Discontinuity: 2 Assimilation Effect Value: 40 Mercurial is a minor splinterland of desolate beauty.  Upon first glance, it is an endless world of metallic mountains, hills, pools and oceans.  The beauty is mesmerizing to some.  However, it is

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What Did He Do?

A short story based on The Cure, reimagined.

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What Have I Done?

Short story based on The Cure but from the perspective of the monster.

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Battle for Oz: The Wind Wardens

The Wind Wardens The Rangers of the North The Trackless Lands are a dangerous and wondrous place.  It is a place notorious for being difficult to navigate.  Many who dare trek these lands are commonly lost, never to be found

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Horrors on Mountain Lake

System/Setting: Realms of Cthulhu (Savage Worlds)/1920s USA When: May/June 2015 Short campaign I playtested an original adventure I ran a couple of times in college. I am fleshing it out and getting it written down for PDF publishing.  Ran it

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Playtesting “Horrors on Mountain Lake”

Playtesting for the first time, the adventure I have been writing.  Back in the day, I came up with a rough concept that I ran twice.  Both times were in CoC (whatever version was published that year) and both went

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The Breshingridge Center & more!

1Coming soon to Protodimension Magazine by me: (1) The Breshingridge Center – a minion hunting organization for DC. It’s a fairly large article – 10 pages double spaced. I expanded on the Center considerably. (2) The Mysteries of Vaal-Al Part

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Small Towns in Dark America

Small Towns in the Greater Depression After reading some old Challenge Magazine articles set in small towns, I started writing an article about Small Town USA in Dark America. I appears in the Summer 2013 issue of Protodimension Magazine Small

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