William Andrew Robert Campbell IV, Vicount Argyll (Human Noble, Diplomat, Psionic)

Home World: System: Truane’s Star.  Planet: New Pale, from the Projarus coastal regions.

William was born to a noble sea-faring family on the Coastal/Island Regions of the western continent of New Pale.  Nomadic seafaring culture ruled by noble merchant housesTheir culture was marked by rapid growth, development and expansion. New islands were being claimed regularly under each house. Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. It was this growth that drew the attention of the Vrusks, who made first contact.  William was born in an upper class nobility, eighth born of 8 siblings.

War of the Pales:  The war between Pale and New Pale only ended a year ago.  The noble houses of New Pale were shaken up, many of them destroyed because of the extreme views.  William’s house survived and rose to power as the major houses fell.  The house leaders more “liberal” views allowed the Pale conquerors to work with them and delegate power to their house.

  • Sibling 1 (Male) – Soldier, enlisted.  Well-known to be a ladies man.
  • Sibling 2 (Female) – This sibling was captured by a rival house early in her life and enslaved.  However, she was freed by a  strange circumstance.  She just appeared in her old bedroom one night.  She claims she found something like a gate in one of her slaver’s storage rooms and used it to escape.
  • Sibling 3 (Male) – They called him the custodian of the family because he “cleans up” after everyone else.  He and his very capable companion (a former soldier) performed various intelligence and information gathering for the house.
  • Sibling 4 (Male, deceased) – House ambassador, untimely dies from an apparent premeditated, violent murder. Someone wanted the victim dead and took personal, violent action to ensure that death occurred.
  • Sibling 5 (Female) – She was a Jack of All Trades – Multi-Craftman.  She worked to create fine leather armor and goods for the house.  She was also a skilled mason and stone worker. Because of her blue collar lifestyle choice, her and the family have a strained relationship.
  • Sibling 6 (Female, deceased) – Sea-vessel pilot for the military.   She untimely dies from an apparent premeditated, violent murder. Someone wanted the victim dead and took personal, violent action to ensure that death occurred.
  • Sibling 7 (Male) – Skilled Architect and the designer of impressive buildings, both public and private.  He traveled in a vintage sea-vessel.

Establishing himself as the black-sheep early, William ran away from home often as a child and ended up getting involved in local criminals.  He constantly defied authority, especially his own father who left his mother after his birth.  He got involved with petty theft, stealing things whenever they wanted.  However, after some time, William was suspected of working with the law (perhaps after they learned of his noble lineage) and labeled a snitch by the underworld.  He now has a contract out on his life by a local crime boss.

Leaving his life of crime, because of this event, he found his father had married a new duchess, one that William found almost evil.  She ruled over the house like a despot.  As a punishment for his running away, William’s father forced William to be “an advisor” to his new step-mother.  This turned into more like being a slave.

During this time, a vehicle accident kills {sibling 4 and sibling 6) and several other house members.  This accident nearly kills William as well. William recovered from his injuries and was able to investigate into the accident to find out it was arranged by his step-mother.  To escape his step-mother, he ran away again, joining the Truane’s Star expeditionary force.

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